Tour FAQs

If you have a question you don’t see here, please contact Linda.

A private tour by the Artsy One Tour Guide Service is a unique and exclusive way to see local artist studios and galleries in a manner that is focused on your interests, schedule, and passions. The tours are custom designed to each group so each experience is unique and are for those who appreciate personal attention as opposed to joining a group of tourists led by a docent with a memorized script. This will be a group of “your” friends that “you” choose to join together, not random people gathering to go on a tour. You are hiring a “guide” to show you these locations and give you information about the artists and the area taking your own vehicle* so you are comfortable and “can let your hair down” with your friends. You’ll be shown where to see up-and-coming artists and find those hidden gems that are not particularly well known, as well as established veterans by local artist Linda Boss who has lived and worked in the area for over thirty years. Plan to have fun!

Why Artsy One Tours?
Linda created the Artsy One Tour Guide Service because she saw an opportunity to “Connect People Looking for Specific Types of Art with the Artists Who Create It”. You can find a gallery or studio in printed directories and travel to them only to find that they do not have the type of art that you thought they did. It is hard to tell from an advertisement or business name what the actual gallery is going to contain. Artist studios rarely  advertise, except to maybe have a listing in a directory or guide. You can’t tell much from “a listing”, and usually the “type” of art is noted by “medium only” like “pottery” or “painting”… you have no idea what subject, style or color the artwork will be. You have wasted a lot of time traveling to a destination and once you are there and find it has nothing for you, you have the embarrassment of walking in then, either dallying around trying to be polite or walking right back out. Linda has been to the galleries, knows the type of artwork the artists in the area do and can “help you find that piece you were looking for” whether it be by color, style or subject matter. Looking for a painting of “Rex Beach”? I know an artist who has one! Looking for an artist who paints paintings of funky shoes? I have just the one for you. How about someone to do a custom headboard with bird sculptures on it? Got it!
What types of events would a tour be appropriate for?
 Artsy One Tours can be setup for something as simple as a girl’s/guy’s day out or even consider these types of events:

– Couples Party
– Bridesmaid’s Party
– Birthday Gift
– Out of Town Guests
– Anniversary Gift
– Housewarming Gift
– Art Collecting
– Redecorating
– Weekend Getaway

What areas of northern Michigan do the tours include?
The tour is completely customized based on your group’s wants. All the studios and galleries are located within easy driving distance of Charlevoix. This includes Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Boyne City, East Jordan, Eastport, Atwood, Indian River, Cheboygan and there are a number of others that can be set up if “the artwork profile matches”. I know artists in many towns in the north. Tell me what you are looking for… I’ll help you find it!

How much is a guided studio tour?
A Short Group Tour which is about two and a half hours is $35 per person. A Half Day Group Tour will take four to five hours and is $75 per person and a Full Day Trip for a Group taking seven to eight hours is $125 per person. A Basic Tour is available that does not require reservations with artists that includes galleries with a wide range of artwork. Evening hours can be arranged by special appointment.

How many studios/galleries will I see?
Tours are based on your “Art Personality Profile”. Since each tour is custom designed for your group, the number of studio/galleries per tour (and the exact time span of the tour) depends on what type of art you wish to see, the artists that are available at the time, the number of people in your group, the time you wish to spend at each studio/gallery and the distance between the studio/galleries you are matched up with. We all will need to be a little flexible.

What is included in the tour?
The tours that run around lunch time include a restaurant “recommendation” where the restaurant in the area of the studios is predetermined. The restaurant is notified ahead with the number of people and a limited menu will be available to expedite the lunch “time” so you can continue with the “art tour experience”. You are responsible for your own tab.

Also included on the tour is information about the local area and other attractions as you drive to the studios in extended areas. You will find your guide quite friendly and chatty. Feel free to ask questions. 

How much time in advance do I need to prebook the tour?
Since all tours are customized based on your group’s needs, Linda will need adequate time to prepare your tour and make reservations at the various artist studios. One to two days notice is required, more for some studios. Please submit the Online Personality Profile so Linda can see which galleries you will be matched with.

Are there any tour perks or bonuses?
Some artists will offer discounts the day of the tour.
Some artists may offer free cards or prints with purchase or other specials the day of the tour.
Some artists offer classes and workshops that you can sign up for.

How big or small can our group be?
A minimum of two people is required for a tour and the shortest tour will be at least two hours long.

Basic Tour
The Basic Tour does not require reservations with the artists and includes multiple galleries that will fit your “artistic style” but will also have an additional range of artwork. It will include at least one studio. The artists may not be available in person, but you will have full access to their work. It is approximately two hours long and is $25.00 per person. The basic tour of “local galleries” can be extended at the end of the tour and booked hourly if guide is available.

*For those who do not have a vehicle large enough to accommodate their group comfortably, we can rent an extended van at an additional charge.