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Red Cross Northern Michigan

Sixteen scenes of Charlevoix hand-painted on a 6 foot by 3.5-foot fiberglass fish. CharleFish joined the Great Northern Fish-In Fundraiser put on by the Northern Michigan Red Cross. Dozens of fish decorated by local artists were featured around Northwest Michigan the summer of 2003. All were auctioned off in August at the Bay Harbor Yacht Basin at a wrap-up party.

Charlefish by Linda Boss Fine Art Charlefish by Linda Boss Fine Art






Red Cross Northern Michigan

We See the Same Thing You See, We Just See it Differently!!
The Red Cross did their project every couple of years. One year they did a bench or a chair. I was a founding board member of the Charlevoix Circle of Arts and I decided to get a group of artist together to paint a bench for the project. I knew the Charlevoix Lighthouse was a popular subject matter (I was thinking of auction time) so I asked some of my artist friends to come together and paint, in their style, the lighthouse, They could paint it however they liked. We met at the Circle and worked in the basement and created a really fun piece. There is another full rendering on the back of the seat back for a total of nine totally different versions of the Charlevoix lighthouse. They displayed it in East Park Downtown Charlevoix. It was very popular and a wonderful patron of the community bought it at auction. I was so proud to head up and participate in this project. It brought awareness that you can all look at the exact same thing, but see it totally different.

We See What You See, We Just See it Differently!!