Charlevoix Lighthouse North Bluff Magnet


Sunny Afternoon in Charlevoix Magnet


Charlevoix Lighthouse North Bluff Magnet by Linda Boss. This magnet measures 3.5 inches high by 2 inches wide. The image is a reproduction of the painting “Charlevoix Lighthouse from the North Bluff”. The thick fall colors are painted with a brush and palette knife. The lady who bought the original purchased it for a friend who had lost her husband. We had a lovely conversation. It means so much to me when people embrace my work and I can share my vision with others, helping ease someone through a difficult time. Her friends always loved Charlevoix and had many wonderful memories here and she said: “I had captured a perfect moment”. I invite you to come and see us and create your own memories in Charlevoix the Beautiful, the resort city on three lakes.

This image is also available as Prints and Notecards.

Part of the Pure Charlevoix Collection.

(The colors represented on your computer screen may not match the card exactly. Please be aware that all computer screens vary in color and intensity.)


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