Petunias Arrive! Charlevoix – Original Painting




5×7 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Original: Available $125 (framed only, with table stand)
Framed in a gold & dry brushed dk burlwood frame with a linen inset, 2.75” profile
Final framed size: 10×12
Includes metal stand for presentation placement on shelf or table

This small painting is perfect for that small space that needs an extra boost of color. Set on a side table or nestle in a bookcase or shelf to add that perfect accent and to remind you of Charlevoix. Or, if you are an avid art collector and your walls are full, you can always find a table or shelf to that has room for this little piece of Charlevoix and you can can satisfy your urge to collect!

Charlevoix is known for its 5 miles of 60,000 colorful petunias and each May, right before Memorial Day, the town comes together and plants the flowers. It was my father-in-law’s idea, and our family’s and town’s project. The petunias arrive on semi trucks the day before planting day and 1/2 (the North side of town) are dropped off on my inlaw’s front lawn where he cares for them until they are divided up and organized for distribution. My friend Margie Guyot and I took advantage of the “sea of color” and set up our easels and painted them under the crab apple trees before they were loaded up on trailers to be planted downtown!

Also available as a note card and magnet.


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