Cinema III Downtown Charlevoix Summer 1978 Magnet


Cinema III Downtown Charlevoix Summer 1978 Magnet


Cinema III Downtown Charlevoix Summer 1978 Magnet. This magnet measures 3.5 inches high by 2 inches wide. The image is a reproduction of the painting “Cinema III Downtown Charlevoix Summer 1978” Acrylic on metal. When I first moved to Charlevoix, Cinema III was downtown and it only had one theatre playing one movie. Coming from an area where I could go to numerous theatres that played multiple movies, this was disturbing but might be acceptable if you had the perfect date. That summer, they played Grease, a blockbuster movie. Great movie! I saw it a couple of times; however, it played the entire summer. I laugh now… I was not laughing then. I quickly got on our party line (another horror story) to tell the friends I left behind that my father had lost his mind moving us here. This painting honors that memory of that time of my life!

This image is also available as Prints and Notecards.

Part of the Pure Charlevoix Collection.

(The colors represented on your computer screen may not match the card exactly. Please be aware that all computer screens vary in color and intensity.)


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