Jewel Abstract
Jewelry Case


Hand Painted Jewelry Case



Jewel Abstract Jewelry Case by Linda Boss Fine Art. This artistic piece is bright and cheerful with bold colors enhancing the graphic marks with an abstract expression style. It will add a boost of color to any ladies decor and is the perfect display for jewelry.


The Jewel Abstract Jewelry Case has a mirrored compartment for rings and pins. Four drawers for bracelets and necessities. The drawer pulls are metal and the swirled design match the circles incorporated in the paint. There are two magnetic doors on the sides that open to hang necklaces.


Dimensions: Approximately 32 inches tall by 12 inches wide and is 8 inches deep. It is sealed with multiple coats of non-yellowing clear coat for durability.

(The colors represented on your computer screen may not match the actual paint shown exactly. Please be aware that all computer screens vary in color and intensity.)


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Jewelry Case”

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