Jewel Abstract on Black Pumpkin


Jewel Abstract Pumpkin on Black

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Jewel Abstract on Black Pumpkin. This hand-painted decorator pumpkin is perfect for Halloween or any time of year because you can leave it up all year round.

The Story

As an artist, the pressure (all in my head) to paint my pumpkin in a new and special design gets harder the older I get. I always feel the neighbors and the parents of the kids who come to the house and always comment on our pumpkins expect to see something other than the traditional jack-o-lantern. For years, I cut more and more elaborate designs into my pumpkins. I drew whatever my kids and husband wanted on their pumpkins and they would cut theirs out. I got to the point I was at a loss as to what to do (lets you know how many years I have been doing it).

A couple of years ago I was running real late “doing my pumpkin”. The guys had theirs completed way before mine. I was finishing up a batch of ornaments for a Christmas show I was doing and looked at the pumpkin and thought “Why not?”. I did a stripe dribble dop pattern on it. It took a long time to dry but that was ok because Jim just took it outside and we were set. Paint worked VERY well… with a few holes to show the candle!

Last year I painted my front doors (French) and my double garage door a wild jewel abstract design that I had painted on the interior of my house on our stair risers, our grandfather clock, and our ceiling fan. I like things “that go together”, so, I painted the pumpkin to match the doors. Everyone loved them! I even had kids commenting! I took pictures and posted on social media. The comments were wonderful. Stores contacted me for the following year. BUT, I was sad when I had to throw it away when the pumpkin rotted. Solution: do the design on a fake pumpkin! And so you have Jewel Abstract on Black Pumpkin.


Size: The Jewel Abstract on Black Pumpkin is approximately 10 inches high, 8 inches wide and 28 inches around.

It is made of a dense yet soft and sturdy plastic that is hollow and lightweight. It is sealed all the way around so that it is not open for goodies or lights.

(The colors represented on your computer screen may not match the image exactly. Please be aware that all computer screens vary in color and intensity.)


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