The Jordan River
Note Card




This package of 8 note cards measures 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches and includes envelopes. All cards are of the same image.

The Jordan River – Note Card by Linda Boss is an oil painting I did with only a palette knife of a sharp bend in the Jordan River that runs near East Jordan, Michigan. I really love the depth of color oils have over acrylics. I also like the blending capabilities and of course, the “chunkiness” of the paint effects you can get… much better than with the acrylics. I did this in honor of my nephew and niece for their wedding. They love the outdoors… plus his name is “Jordan”! But… there is a “story” behind this painting… an inspiration. The Jordan River also has a fond place in my memories, especially this spot I chose to paint. My aunt and uncle came up from Ohio for a visit and we wanted to do an activity to “entertain” them… you know… show the guests from out of town a good time. We took them canoeing. They said they had done it before but it had been years. I hadn’t done it since I was a kid in camp and I don’t think my husband had ever done it so I figured we all were evenly skilled. What a riot! We had a blast! I was impressed that Jim and I caught on pretty quickly and were in sinc. My aunt and uncle (who are actually only 6-8 years older than I am respectively) had a little rougher time. They ended up sideways and backwards at this “bend” in the river. Oh the words that were flying! We did make it to the end, the pick up point all in one piece. We all laughed so hard “at” the whole thing… quite an adventure!

Also available as Prints and a Magnet.


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Note Card”

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