The Lake Path Print


The Lake Path Print

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The Lake Path Print. This is a reproduction of the original 8×10 oil painting on canvas painted with only a palette knife. It depicts a landscape scene with the rich color of oils and thick chunky characteristic of palette knife paintings. It is available as vertical prints in 5×7, 8×10 and 11×14.

The Story

This painting was done while I was experimenting with oils. I have always wanted to learn how to use the palette knife. The original sold real quick so someone else liked it too! I really had fun with it. Painting a painting with “only” a knife is tough though. But I love the chunky paint. I gives it dimension. A different look. I like trying different things. Very different mood than the plein air. Takes a totally different approach. I have found you have to be in a different places in your creative thinking to do different types of art. Some artists won’t do that. I guess I have different compartments in my brain. Maybe I go into different rooms in my mind to do different types of art! Wonder what I’ll work on tomorrow?

Also Available

This image is available as Note Cards and Magnets.


This is a signed print, stamped with a seal of authenticity on the back. The title and signature are on the front in a white border that frames the print image. Matting isn’t necessary, just pop in a frame. The total size of the print fits the standard size you are ordering.

The colors represented on your computer screen may not match the image exactly. Please be aware that all computer screens vary in color and intensity.


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