The Charlevoix Lighthouse “I” Like it Red


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The Charlevoix Lighthouse “I” Like it Red! This hand painted red wine glass has the famous Charlevoix lighthouse portrayed off the south pier hand painted in a scene setting accented with an abstract painted blue stem simulating water of the lighthouse as it is today. I moved to Charlevoix in 1978 and the lighthouse was white. It was one of the charming features that drew our family to the area. However, the original color of the lighthouse, built back in 1885 was red. In 2009 the lighthouse was painted red after being white for decades. (see story by the Lighthouse Friends ). So you see, the lighthouse has gone back and forth between white and red a couple of times! There has been a debate amongst the locals and longtime visitors alike as to which color is the “best”. Now you can show your preference for the lighthouse as you sip your wine on the porch amongst friends or proudly show your choice at parties! Makes a great conversation piece or fun gift…

Also sold as a set: The Charlevoix Lighthouse Debate

These are works of art on glass and are all unique. No matter how hard I try… no two are alike! All the glassware is individually hand painted with two to three coats of paint (for some even four) and then sealed with several coats of clear coat. And then finally, heat set. But they do need special care. They MUST be hand washed with “warm” soapy water (not really hot). And sorry, NO dishwasher and NO SOAKING so don’t let that little bit of wine sit and dry overnight, rinse it out. The ones with painted bases cannot be left to sit on a wet countertop (that is the same as soaking). With care, this piece will last and last… the primary risks are cleaning crews, helpful friends in the kitchen and washing goblets late at night after a party! Beyond these general guidelines however, please USE this piece and enjoy! To clean it simply wipe the outside gently with a warm soapy cloth and wash the inside as you would any other glass. It will last a long time if you take care and follow these instructions.

Each glass is individually hand painted and it may vary slightly from the photo.

(The colors represented on your computer screen may not match the painting exactly. Please be aware that all computer screens vary in color and intensity.)


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