The Charlevoix Petunia Truck Mini Print Framed


The Charlevoix Petunia Truck Mini Print Framed

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The Charlevoix Petunia Truck Mini Print Framed. This is a framed mini print, stamped with a seal of authenticity on the back. The title and artist signature is also on the back. It is framed in a gold and black frame and has been sealed against dust on the back. Image measures approximately 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall. Total Framed size approximately 5 1/2 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall. It comes with a tiny black easel to sit on for display.

The Story Behind the Art

This image is a reproduction of  “The Charlevoix Petunia Truck Pulling the Venetian Float”. It was an acrylic on fiberglass painting of the Petunia Truck driven by Dale Boss, aka Mr. Petunia, pulling the Newly elected queen, Miss Charlevoix, and her court on the float in the yearly Venetian parade. This image was on “Charle-fish”,  a part of the Great Northern Fish In, a fundraiser for The Northern Michigan Chapter of the Red Cross. “Charle-fish” had seventeen scenes of Charlevoix on it. It was displayed in the window of the Clothing Company in downtown Charlevoix. I created a game, a sign listing all the buildings/landmarks on the fish for passer-bys to find. They had to come into the store to “find” all of the scenes. The Clothing Company displayed Charle-fish  for the duration of the summer of 2004 until the auction when it went home with it’s happy sponsor. The Charlevoix Petunia Truck Mini Print Framed is a print of one of the scenes.

Fun Facts

  • Operation Petunia started in 1982. The Boss family conceived the idea around their kitchen table during that winter before presenting it at the Keep Charlevoix Beautiful meeting
  • Charlevoix planted 60,000 petunias curbside, two and a half miles on either side of downtown for a total of five miles of petunias from 1982 to 2018. In 2019, because of changes in the highway structure by MDOT, the petunias could no longer be safely watered on the curbside. The town has switched to large hanging baskets.
  • “Mr. Petunia”, got up at 4:30 every morning of the summer and he watered the petunias, (unless there was a heavy rain) until a year before his death in 2016, as a volunteer. He never charged the city any money.
  • The Charlevoix Petunia Truck Mini Print Framed is the perfect reminder you will want of a time when there were calliope music and bubbles during the parade!


This image is also available as Magnets

A Part of the Pure Charlevoix Collection.

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