Why Red?


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The Charlevoix lighthouse is one of my most popular painting subjects. Actually, it is the top seller of the note cards, prints and magnets. Ever since I moved to Charlevoix when I was a girl, the lighthouse was white. It was clean and crisp against the light blue sky and dark blue water. A few years ago, the historical society took over the care and responsibility of the lighthouse from the State and ran a campaign to bring it back to it’s original color “lighthouse red”. Well, that was before my time so I disagreed with the decision to paint it red, plus, there was the “artistic” turmoil! It was going to through off my color palette! My inner color sense and balance. White was fresh and bright… red says stop, warning! (however, I love our red sports car… there IS a place for red). The season approached and I got my artwork ready for the seasonal flood of tourists. I tried to be good and paint my paintings of the lighthouse to sell but it was like I was back in grade school! I couldn’t mix the colors right. I was frustrated. It fought me… inside I was screaming NO! It is supposed to be white! I am a passionate person. Emotional. I don’t like change. Ask my husband. I have refused to let him change the furniture in our living room since we moved in… 1987 (I decorated around the main pieces). I get comfortable. I have OCD. Things have to be a certain way before I can paint, create. I have to be in a certain mood. The “mood” of the lighthouse changed. This painting (which is my first break into expressionism) is my reaction to the lighthouse being red. It was very theraputic. Yes, I have accepted and now paint it “red”. This helped me get it out of my system.

I do however paint a series called “The Charlevoix Lighthouse… “I” Like it White” that always sells out. I think there are a lot of us out there!


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